About Me - Ivan Paganessi

It’s the year 1993 when Moreno Ivan Paganessi was born in Zofingen (CH).

At an early age the current DJ/ Producer Ivan Paganessi from Italy discovers the rhythm that runs in his blood. At the age of 11 years he touches a mixing desk for the first time and immediately he knows: Deejay’ing is in his DNA. As a teenager Ivan Paganessi participates at various parties of his local youth club, where he gets enthusiastic about the Deejays. Completely attracted to remixes and mashups Ivan Paganessi starts his music career as a hip-hop deejay. Since then he proves repeatedly his love to music on youth club parties. After, at the age of 15 years, he discovers his preference to house music. At the same age he receives his own DJ equipment, with what he retires from the world to dedicate himself to music.

At the age of 16 years he meets Luigi Flaviano Scarnato. At that time they stood together behind the mixers. They were working together as a good team and decide to cooperate. The first musical project, which took them to more ambitious clubs like the Baia Imperiale in Rimini (IT) or the Top10 in Singen (DE), was called “Loretto Deejays”. Of course they were still performing on major events in Switzerland. After 2 years of close collaboration they decide, to go their own musical way. But for various projects they’re still working together.

A new era begins for Ivan Paganessi, when at the age of 18 years he decides to install his own sound studio. From then on he was able to delve into his greatest passion. He’s continuously producing melodic house music which includes thrilling vocals. 2014/15 Ivan Paganessi published his first tunes. But his preference includes not only producing own songs but also to create remixes for other artists.

To Ivan Paganessi music means more because it’s not only his passion but his lifeblood.

With his slogan “Passion of Music”, which follows from the above, he wants to inspire the public and spread emotions.

After all Ivan Paganessi is thankful for every support he got in recent years and also appreciates help and encouragement in the future.